Urb editorial design

Society and culture in the urban lively space


Urb was an independent periodical publication circulated in Buenos Aires from year 2000 to 2003. Black and white printed in low cost paper discussed cultural topics with a strong liberal and urban view. It break through the 2001 Argentine social crisis thanks to be a self-managed publishing. The publication gathered the voices that emerged in politics as in literature and others artistics expressions

The contents covered from neighbourhood news to nation politics topics.  Music, cinema and literary reviews. It had a montlhy calendar of indepent events and a important letters to to editor section, feeded by the social concerns of that time.

I made the editorial design and the layout of the publication’s last stage, also the mock-ups and pre-press. The layout must be related visually to the intransigent terms that the editors set. For that I made modular grungy lines, bullets and dignbats to guide the hierarchy of the elements in the page and the differents levels of reading.
The principal story of each number always get a custom graphic treatment to visually boost the topic.

The work ambience enables me to experiment a graphic approach impossible to do in other types of editioned publications, for example the use of experimental made urban typography in specific sections. The text always keeped a good readability and legibility. The eight columns grid was very flexible to condense or expand the white-space in the pages.

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