Calligraphy book

Calligraphy alphabet



This is a book containing the development of a calligraphy alphabet, 297 mm x 420 mm (8.3 in x 11.7 in), 38 pages. Created using different types of paper, tools, handmade inks, and manually bound.

Every time I do some calligraphy work, I make a book to show the process stages. This serves as a portfolio and also for reference.
It contains notes about the construction of signs, ductus, tools, materials, etc. It also has calligraphy samples in several means and tools.



With expressive strokes this alphabet has been designed with custom broad edge nibs that I specially made for this calligraphy combining metal, plastic and wood broad edge writing tools. In a deeper level of analysis I can say that this alphabet has a skeleton with long ascenders and descenders, this allows me to do ligatures, swashes and wide final flourishes if I want to.
The pen angle is near 90º degrees this creates contrast when the broad and thin strokes connects. Usually the weight is heavy and the glyphs are made with few ductus.


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