GN Group motor mockup

From South America to Asia

GN Group, a manufacturer of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV), hired me to design a self-supporting scale model to explain how to operate and save fuel in a car engine with the equipment they manufacture. The motor mockup was to be presented at the largest international event in the industry – ANGVA’s Biennial Event in Bangkok, Thailand.
GN Group is one the most important exporters of this type of equipment, with more than 180 workshops in the country and activities in several countries around the world. It develops its own technology for diesel engines such as the Dual CNG-Diesel System.

I worked on this project with GN Group engineers and industrial designers under my supervision. The packaging was designed and produced taking into account materials weight, quality, fragility and shipping to the presentation. The scale model was the highlight of their stand. It had to be transported already prepared for the presentation, without any breakage risk. For such purpose, I made a study of materials (MDF, acrylic, non-chlorinated plastic) so to represent the engine in a more realistic way and enhance GN Group’s equipment. By using machining and laser cutting systems, we achieved a morphology that cannot be otherwise obtained from traditional processes for this project.

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