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Equity and transparency


Web design for the Argentine Agricultural Trade Control Office (ONCCA). This is a governmental agency in charge of supervising compliance with the regulations on agricultural trade activity in Argentina. It prepares and publishes reference prices for agricultural markets and for setting off withholdings related to grains, dairy products and meat.

I led the design team along with executives reporting directly to the then Ministry of Economy of Argentina, Felisa Miceli (then to Miguel Peirano, then to Martín Lousteau), and staff from the information and communication departments.
It should be mentioned that due to the joint efforts made by the Information area coordinator and the Counselors, we were able to achieve excellent synergy among the departments involved.

Due to the great amount of information contained in the website, we discussed different visual ways to guide the user according to several browsing criteria.
The publication of reference prices was a key part of the project. A system getting data automatically after approval by an administrator was proposed to reduce the workload of dozens of workers that manually entered in HTML format hundreds of prices of agricultural products.

Using colors, navigation bars and icons, I design, and led developers to a layout for suport the information systems in real time. Please note that many reference indexes published by ONCCA are key elements to define businesses and values in several markets of raw materials and derivatives, such as the Hilton Quota for local producers, with all the political and economic pressure it entails.

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