Chascomús signage system

Award by unanimous consent



Road and Tourism Signage System. Created with a modular design for low cost mass production. Work performed for the City of Chascomús (Buenos Aires, Argentina). I worked together with industrial designers and architects.

I was responsible for making decisions in wide aspects such as materials, construction and production systems, anti-vandalism, location, legibility, supplier hiring selection, logistics, and follow-up, including graphic design work.
My main role in the work team was to achieve a highly legible visual system and an information design in line with the whole universe of pieces and their variants. Thus each piece helps keep a constructive logic in the information that is shown.

In addition to the typographic and chromatic system, I designed nearly one hundred pictograms of historical buildings and landmarks of the entire district. All of them are based on a simple construction grid in such a way that they can be reproduced in any means without sacrifying legibility and that new pictograms can be added if necessary.




In the draft stage, I made an exhaustive field research into the traffic flow in the city, including interviews to citizens and staff of several areas of the municipality. All the research was documented and organized according to the issues the project was supposed to solve.
In addition, I was in charge of the Project follow-up and got involved in usability testing.



For the presentations, I edited a complete policy and user manual. But as I wasn’t happy with that being the only documentation, I used plans and sheets to make an animated video to provide recommendations and show the Project to the customer in a dynamic and quick way. This was perfect to summarize so much information and help officers in each municipal area to focus on their own tasks without losing all sense of the Project.

Such wide system of pieces included: Indexes, totems, road signs, locators, maps and tours, indicators of touristic and historical places and parks.


The Project was awarded the first prize by unanimous decision of a jury made up of technicians, governments, architects and designers of local renowned experience, such as Architect Guillermo Gonzalez Ruíz (Konex Award, founder of the Graphic Designer undergraduate course at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (UBA), School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU), and owner of the signage project of Buenos Aires along with Ronald Shakespear).



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