Industrial Faith CD packaging

Create a visual experience related to the industrial music



Graphic design for an industrial music CD collection for artists such as Laibach, KMFDM, 16 volt, Ministry, Nine inch nails. The design included the booklet, CD graphics, the cover and the back cover.

To create a visual experience related to the music of this collection, I took pictures at different plants and workshops, then I worked on 3D modeling combining geometric figures with those pictures in displacement mapping, detaching the different machinery components – clocks, roller bearing, gear assembly, etc. Above these combined graphics, the artists’ names join together with the forms.



The booklet contains the full lyrics and data on the artists of each volume of the collection. The visual system and typography is kept for each volume but colors vary for better identification of each collection.

The visual language work triggers situations exploring the industrial aesthetics pathways, showing the countercultural complexity of the different genres in general other than highlighting some in particular.


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