T-REO packaging graphics

Totally Culprit


I made the packaging graphics for a single released by a nü metal studio group having influence from electronic music, called “T-REO” (Totally Culprit, Totalmente Reo). Members include Roberto Trucco, drums, keyboard and samplers, and David Malsenido, voice, guitar and bass. They are former members of trash metal bands from the 80s and 90s such as “Loco Ozzy” and “Neurona”. The single contains two tracks produced at a recording studio: “In situs” and “Lazos”.

The graphic design of musical products can be imagined and planned with the artists during the recording phase (which is actually advisable). But sometimes it is postponed for the end so all the pressure to publish the songs concentrates at this stage.

In this particular case, the artists went straight and asked me to design the graphics following the electronic style at that time. I prepared a vector 3D logotype as an identifying sign based on the OCR-A typography for optical character recognition. For this project, the artists finally chose some visual art deconstructed in several layers and effects, with references to the visual language used in electronic music.

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