Electro Santander brochure and high-end renders

Realism impossible to achieve by other means

High end renders, 3D modeling and flash animation of electrical conductors (wire) for a dynamic website. Editorial design of institutional brochure and product catalog for Electro Santander: An Argentine company that has produced special electrical conductors since the 1970s for the heavy industry, both at a local and international level. Present in large projects for Siemens, Shell, Tenaris, Siderar/Ternium, Loma Negra. Manufacturing and providing maintenance for robotic machinery for Peugeot, TBA and Astillero Río Santiago.

The cables were modeled in 3D Studio rendered with V-Ray both for the print version and the web version. I worked on a series of high-end renders for high quality reproduction in offset printing. For the website the scene had to be animated whereas renders had to be optimized for use in Flash Player. 3D artists worked on modeling under my supervision.
Based on technical diagrams of cables still in the design progress, we were able to obtain realistic representations. We showed the conductors inside with a high degree of realism, impossible to achieve by other means. This enabled the client to save significant costs and time, and also to have a great advantage of visualizing and evaluating product marketing prior to industrial production.

The 16-page brochure was printed in four color printing (CMYK) and Pantone for all special colors. For this editorial project, I used a proprietary typeface. Layout meets the product technical specifications: in legible form and ordered by category.
Photos of the plant and projects were taken and edited using the reduced institutional color palette along with some vector illustrations.
The brochure was distributed to the entire network of representatives of Electro Santander within the country and together with the website it was the beginning of the international corporate expansion plan.

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