Globalite corporate identity

Leave your track around the world

I designed this complete corporate identity program. I had to provide this young travel agency called Globalite with a consistent brand identity based on the places and situations it would cover. In turn, I had to develop a comprehensive application system to achieve the desired strategic positioning.

The master concept of this young international travel agency was to show that if you stay at this hotel chain, you will leave your track around the world. Its business plan was focused on low cost hostels for young people (students mostly), conveniently located near top attractions.

I created its isotype/logotype in 3D and then I vectorized it in such a way that it could take shape and adapt to different materials. In addition, it is sufficiently pregnant and simple to be used in all kinds of printings, media, small optical sizes and in several adverse chromatic situations. The quality of the identifier allows to reduce costs as it can be reproduced in almost any form and support. I also prepared the style manual.

I took part in the branding process, which was a huge interdisciplinary effort:  Graphic design, industrial design, clothing design, information design, landscaping and interior, marketing, sociology, translation and technical assistance. All these disciplines were targeted at a global approach towards the issues to solve. This was key to obtain the universe of pieces that a hotel chain requires during the testing period in focus groups.

With an intentional synthesis and aesthetics, I obtained the brand positioning desired for its target. In focus groups, brand awareness reached high efficacy levels after proper analysis. The interdisciplinary team where I worked made it possible to have a relaxed atmosphere and communication between Globalite’s image and its target audience.

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